PVR National Anthem Row- Here is true confirmed version of the story

On 29th November the whole internet and media went bonkers with half news and incomplete story where a ‘Family was thrown out for disrespecting the national anthem’ the story is not correct.

As its our national anthem that they are playing, we confirmed the correct version of the story

Yes, its true the Family was asked to leave the cinema house for disrespecting the national anthem but for disrespecting the heroes of 26/11.

PVR National Anthem 2611 Row

Here is the some point that was missed by media:

1. It was not a regular national anthem that was played that night , it was special national anthem made in an honor of 26/11 heroes featuring  100 plus heroes who saved many lives and family of Martyrs. People’s anger in the theatre was not because the family disrespected the national anthem, but because they disrespected the heroes and martyrs family of 26/11.

2. Perhaps you may think that the family  had no knowledge that national anthem is on 26/11, wrong!, The initial intro by Farhan Akhtar voice clearly says ” this national anthem is dedicated to 26/11 heroes  i.e Mumbai Police, NSG Commando, Fire brigade and martyrs….  and you all are requested to stand up for the national anthem “.

Forget the rule book\ law whether to stand or not, but wouldn’t your blood boil if you see someone disrespecting our national heroes like Sandeep Unnikrishnan or Hemant Karkare who took gun shot to their heart so we could see this day?

You may see the video of national anthem and decide yourself , here is link :


Though it was sad to see that some people didn’t standup for the national anthem, what was even more disheartening was few media addressing the family on basis of their religion. FYI the first person to come aboard and support unknown bunch of youth, with just reading our sms was Salim Merchant –  Not a Muslim man, but an Indian who believed in the cause

First person to come aboard and support unknown bunch of youth , with just reading our sms was Salim Merchant – Not a Muslim man, but an Indian who believed in this cause Salim Merchant and Raj Konar





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