Impossible to possible – Making of the video ‘the tribute to the unsung heroes of 26/11’

26/11 Mumbai terror attack is something that no Mumbaikar will ever forget. It’s really tragic that we all remember the name of the terrorist but not our heroes… so thought of making a national anthem that will stand as a testament of heroic act by our brave officers for years to come. ( for details on this project check I started working on this project somewhere in 2012 it took 3 years to make it happen, here some highlights:

  • The video features around 80+ top Mumbai police officers, around 100+ staff and employee of Cama Hospital, Taj Mahal palaces, Oberoi hotel.(zaroor iska bada contact or pehachan hoga – NO)
  • It’s shot in the prominent place of south Bombay where the event took place i.e Outside CST, Taj, Marine lines, Cama Hospital, Girgoan chowpatty.(ameer baap hoga ?- NO)
  • And this National Anthem sang by Bollywood top singers like Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chohan, Kailash Kher, Sherya Ghoshal , Shaan and music by Salim & Sulaiman …. (array film industry ka background hoga- NO)

So how did we make this happen, a quick back story…

When I first thought about this idea and discussed with my friends, family and pitched with corporate, this was their reaction:

My friends reaction:

Me : Buddy, the video will have around 100+ heroes of 26/11 ….

Friends: (interrupting in between) mc, shakal dekhi hai… , kya teray pass political contact hai or do you know any big shot?????

Me: hmm…no…

Friends: bholjaa bhai… its impossible!

Tried talking with big corporates :

Me: This video will be beautifully shot at the prominent place of south Bombay…at CST, Taj…

Client : (interrupting me) ..Do you have an experience of working on the project on this scale…how old are you????

Me : Wel…our team…(bc, he interrupted me again )

Client :  .. It’s an over ambitious project, it is impossible!!!

Discussing the idea with family 

Me: My plan is to have Bollywood singers for the national anthem…

Family: hahahahahahahahaha (laughing like mad) is uncle, chacha chichi, mama mami …working in the industry, that we don’t know or do you know anybody personaly?

Me :  nope !

Family: (still laughing) u cant do it …this is impossible!

SO ,

Did I have contacts or pehachan? – NO,

Did I have money or producer? – NO,

Is my mom,dad, uncle, chacha chachi …working in the industry ? NOOOO!

Is this video completed ? – YES, bigger and better of what I thought :).. Planning for a big launch…
Here are some pic:

click here for more pic

Will write more on how we made this impossible to possible in my next blog,

Wants to hear your thoughts, do comment, thx!

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